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Behringer Ddm4000 Mapper For Virtual Dj Northern Silbermond omartani


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Deaf^Nietzsche: You're already using GDM, you have to do this after that :P OldFarter, give me a minute to remember the option to do that - I think it's xscreensaver... i'm making a alias atm And removing the default desktop effects one. /alias ddm=disable Which made the scrolling much more reasonable. thanks guys Deaf^Nietzsche: I'm looking now. Deaf^Nietzsche: You'll have to stop gdm and do it manually... i made an alias and its set i'll restart and see what happens Deaf^Nietzsche: I'm sure you can do it from the terminal, have you tried that? yeah it works but i dont know how to make it permanent Deaf^Nietzsche: see you on the other side... brb gonna test my alias /alias ddm=disabled Deaf^Nietzsche: As a guess, you could create a script that calls /usr/bin/gdm stop, then the script that disables the screen lock... But that's just a guess, not sure how to do that... that worked /alias ddm=disabled :D Deaf^Nietzsche: Cool :)



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Behringer Ddm4000 Mapper For Virtual Dj Northern Silbermond omartani

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